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Moving Products

Moving Products

Replacing the conveyor belt with Geek+ flexible and reliable moving system

The moving robots can be fitted with a variety of modules such as lifters, single-layer rollers, double-layer rollers, box carriers, for shelf/pallet moving, conveyor docking, and materials transportation operations. The Geek+ Process Management and Materials Management Systems’ help coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the entire production process.


The Geek+ lift solution includes M200C, M600C, M1000C, MP1000R, and other AMR models equipped with lifting capabilities. The M200C, M600C, and M1000C provide standard lifting modules and includes SLAM and QR code navigation that enables the AMRs to follow virtual lines in complex environments. Optional to customize the module for different heights, dock mechanisms, and payloads.

Bin Mover

Geek+ Bin Mover includes M200C, M600C, and other AMR models equipped with bin moving mechanism. It offers customizable single-box and multi-box operating mechanisms of different sizes, including rollers, conveyor belts, etc. It can also fitted with various sensors to ensure security and reliability and enables automatical connection with infrastructures for unmanned and flexible operations.

Tasks management system for logistics moving processes

Fully integrated with Geek+ robot management system, the system manages tasks, process, and scheduling of moving robots. Its robust process management capabilities can achieve optimal path planning and traffic control for hundreds of multi-type robots, It also supports cross-floor transportation. The system is user-friendly and easy to deploy.

Robot management system for M series

The system provides functions of map editing and monitoring, charging station management, and log management. It can be connected with various robot modules, like rollers, traction, jacking, etc.

SLAM and QR code navigation

Geek+ moving robots can support both QR code navigation and SLAM navigation, switching to the most suitable one based on the working condition. SLAM navigation enables location and mapping in real-time using laser and camera sensor fusion. With SLAM, robots can maintain good positioning and motion control in a complex environment. With QR code navigation, the robot can travel fast following an accurate path.

Unique advantages of moving solution

Rapid Deployment

Ready and easy deployment for singular robots

Short project implementation cycle of only 2-4 weeks for multiple robots

Smooth Operations

Able to independently create and modify mapping according to requirements

Customizable process management and charging policies

High Investment Value

Increase in moving efficiency by at least 50%

Possible to achieve return on investment within a year

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible addition or removal of robots to fit changing needs

Supports the simultaneous utilization of different models of robots

Highly Adaptable

No need for environment modifications

Suitable for complex human-robot interaction scenarios

Moving Products

Covering full moving scenarios

Geek+ Moving System is suitable for moving scenarios in warehouses of e-commerce, retail, third-party logistics, automobile manufacturing, and many other industries. The four solutions have their own characteristics, covering full scenarios:


Warehouse pallet transport warehouse

Bin or Shelf delivery of material to production lines

Equipment and product moving in factory

Bin Mover

Bin moving in warehousing logistics

Shelves moving in production lines

More about Moving Products

You can read more about Moving Products and Geek+ in general on their website.

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Moving Products

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