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Four-way Shuttle Solution

Four-way Shuttle Solution

High Throughput • High-density storage • One-stop integrated solution

Geek+ Four-way shuttle solution is an innovative, multilevel storage and retrieval system integrated with upper-level storage and ground-level picking technology. The new solution augments warehouse throughput, storage capacity, and operational flexibility with optimal cost-effectiveness.

High-density storage

Storage capacity is 5x higher than traditional picking solutions

Narrow aisles and higher depths improve storage density

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Take advantage of night/idle time for unmanned automatic tally to increase outbound efficiency

Goods-to-Person mode improves outbound efficiency

Smart and flexible

Support route optimization to reduce waste from idle operations

Dynamic consolidation of inventory

Flexible configuration

Support multiple picking and storage strategies

Increase the number of robots according to business needs

Storage and picking solutions

The Multi-level ASRS and Four-Way Shuttle solution has integrated storage and picking solutions with high-density storage and high throughput capabilities.

It increases storage capacity, throughput, and flexibility, and is cost-effective.



B2B and B2C situations requiring high storage density and picking efficiency require working with whole pallets, original containers, and piece picking of small, medium, and large items.


Applicable Industries:

manufacturing, retail, 3PL, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, cold chain, etc.

Custom configuration

Increase the number of robots according to business needs

Fully Automated

Integrate a variety of smart devices to achieve automatic in/outbound

2-3x efficiency

Intelligent algorithms improve operation

50%-500% storage capacity

Floor-to-ceiling complete storage space utilization

More about Four-way Shuttle Solution

You can read more about Four-way Shuttle Solution and Geek+ in general on their website.

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Four-way Shuttle Solution

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