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ST Logistics

About us


The exclusive provider of automated solutions in the Nordics

ST Logistics is a provider of automated warehouse logistics. We implement innovative warehouse solutions within AMR, conveyor technology, automatic high-bay warehouse, miniload warehouses and shuttle systems.

ST Logistics is exclusive provider of Geek+ solutions and products in the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland).

ST Logistics is a sister company of SystemTeknik, which is located in Nørresundby, Denmark. SystemTeknik employs 85 people in two facilities in Denmark and Poland. You can read more about the company on the website.

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Meet the management

ST Logistics is led by Ole Madsen and Morten Kirch, who together are experienced in warehouse automation and end-of-line logistics. Together, Morten and Ole have designed and completed some of Europe’s largest and most successful automation projects.

Together Morten And Ole have designed and completed some of Europe’s largest and most successful projects.


Our mission

By partnering with global technology market leads, such as Geek+, ST Logistics offers solutions with low complexity, short ROI, short implementation, and low upfront costs.

The market demand for automated intralogistics solution is growing rapidly in the Nordic region due to a declining workforce and increasing wages. Until recently, the automation solution projects within the industry have typically been characterized by high complexity, long implementation, and high start-up costs, which have made it possible only for larger companies to invest in internal logistics automation.

ST Logistics’ mission is to turn this around and offer automated warehouse solutions to a wider range of businesses than there has been historically possible.


Our competencies include

The market demands for automated intralogistics solutions are increasing rapidly in the Nordics due to workforce decline and increasing salaries. However, a lot of companies in the Nordics has avoided automation solutions as they are often expensive, complex and takes a very long time to implement. ST Logistics seeks too provide solutions with a short ROI, low complexity and short implementation. Through collaboration with market leading technology companies.

We offer a single point of contact as we identify the optimal solution and deliverers a turnkey project to fit your business needs.

Intralogistics Consulting

End-Of-Line Automation

Software implementation and integration

Single point contact partner until turnkey handover

Servitisation of implemented solution

About us

ST Logistics

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